About Us

Espresso making is an art form, as most aficionados already now. So this page is not really intended for them. True connoisseurs already know all there is to know about espresso making, they’ve studied it extensively, and heck, professional baristas go through years of training when learning their craft. No, this page here is for you, a run of the mill Joe who just loves to have a great cup of hot espresso to start the day! We want to make sure you buy the machine that fits you like a glove, so we offer reviews that are more advice and general pointers, rather than outright sales pitches.

Our goal is not to make money from you, and we are affiliated with no single manufacturer nor do we get paid to advertise any individual product specifically. This means that you can rest assured that all our reviews are unbiased and to the point, written expertly with one caveat in mind; to give you the tools and the information you need to make an educated purchase! Here at Espresso Experts, we only have your best interest at heart!

Espresso can be so much more than tainted water and we are here to teach you what machines will help you pull a perfect shot each and every time so make sure to check out our reviews!

Who Are We?

We are many! Our team consists of experts from all coffee related business niches, from professional growers to experienced baristas! What we all share, however, is our unrelenting love for an expertly made cup of espresso. We are dedicating a part of our free time to review espresso machine as they leave their respective factory, so all our reviews are current and relatable. We also review thousands of customer testimonials and compare those to the test we do ourselves!We have been in the coffee roasting, espresso making business for a long, long time and our knowledge is unsurpassed in these things, so you can rely on our reviews to guide you through your decision-making process!

What Do We Do?​

We test, and test, and test, and then test some more! Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled, quality reviews of different types of espresso makers and we strive to do so with each and every review! Our expertly written reviews are a product of meticulous research and testing, and our team of experts is dedicated to weeding out poor quality products and giving you the core substance of every espresso machine out there (we still didn’t get a chance to go through them all, mind you, but we are getting there!

If you want to ask us anything, have a recommendation or simply want to say hi, by all means, do not hesitate to contact us! You can use the contact for or write directly to us at hello [at] theespressoexperts [dot] com! Stay happy, healthy and enjoy your espresso!