Best Espresso Machine – How to Choose One For Yourself

Best Espresso Machine Reviews

Choosing a perfect espresso machine is quite tricky. The fact remains; if you ask five people to tell you about their perfect cup of espresso, you will get five different answers. As you can tell, there is no one perfect espresso machine that would fit everyone’s bill. What you buy decide to buy will depend on your personal preferences and needs, and you should always choose the best espresso machine for yourself! Brace yourself because buying an espresso machine is a costly endeavor, and you do not want to get it wrong!

There are several different types of espresso machines out there. Each one does something different and each one has a different price tag attached to it. The differences are subtle, but they exist. That is why we decided to fill this site with ‘espresso machine reviews’ – our ultimate goal is to make the decision easier on you and help you get exactly what you are looking for! Read on to check out why you should buy a particular type of an espresso machine; what the advantages and disadvantages are, and what you can expect in terms of performance.​

What To Drink?​

Before we get to different types of machines, let’s talk a bit about what you can make with them! There are a couple of different beverages you can confidently prepare when you own a great espresso machine. Most people use it to make only one, but that is definitely a shame. You have quite a few options so make sure to try them all out and spice up your day a bit!​

  • Espresso shot – This is the reason why you are on the market for a good espresso machine! It is that wonderful black liquid that comes out of the machine, pure and unadulterated! It is a stronger version of a strong black coffee, rich in taste and flavor – if made correctly, of course!
  • Macchiato – Macchiato is for those who like to add just a tiny bit of flavor to their espresso shot. It is basically your perfect cup of espresso with a thin layer of steamed milk that takes away the bitterness and leaves you with a perfect cup!
  • Cappuccino – Easily the most popular drink that you can make with your espresso maker! Make a macchiato and add a bit more milk into it, and voila!
  • Latte – Now we’re coming to those more diluted drinks you can make with a cup of great espresso. Real lovers don’t tend to go this far because making a latte means you’re adding double the amount of milk into your espresso, but hey! If you enjoy it, have at it!
  • Mocha – Mocha is basically the same thing as a latte, but with added chocolate. It is usually enjoyed by people who have a sweet tooth, and like their beverages hot, spicy, and packing a punch!
  • Americano – This is espresso diluted with a good wallop of hot water. It’s very popular here in the States, as it tampers down the flavor of the espresso, making it easier to drink. It’s taken from a large cup, so you always have some steamy deliciousness on your work desk!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Espresso Machines

From stovetops to super automatic machines, each one will deliver something unique and different to the consumer. It is important that you are familiar with the quirks and the oddities of every type of the machine to know which will work the best for you. We will not talk too much about stovetop espresso makers here, we have a separate page for them you can visit – that just goes to show in how high regard we hold them in! The rest we will cover briefly and really try to hone into the features that make them unique and different from each other.

Lever Espresso Machines​

Experts swear by these manual espresso machines, saying that they are the best of the bunch simply because they give you the absolute control over the espresso-making process. We agree with them, but also like to point out to everyone who is considering buying one that they require knowledge and finesse!

While they do have a rather steep learning curve, once you get that nailed down you will be making great espresso shots each and every time! The biggest advantage that these can give you is the amount of control you have over the temperature and the pressure you pull your shots with. The action is completely manual which means you’ll be working your muscles for every cup, but most people actually enjoy this part of the process. It gets you really intimate with the coffee, and it’s a unique experience.

With all that said, rest assured that you’ll be screwing up a lot with this type, especially in the early days. Most espresso connoisseurs love it, however, and note that while it might be an expensive buy, a lever espresso machine is a true baristas’ gadget that looks great on every kitchen countertop!

Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker​

Espresso lovers who lack the upper body strength to wrestle with a manual maker often choose this type. It can get quite pricey, but it gives you a ton of control, taking away the need hand press the water through the grind since it is fitted with an electric pump.

Semi-automatic espresso makers are light and sleek in design, and you can get a great cup of espresso from them, provided you know what you are doing. They still leave you the control over how much grind you use and how much water you want in your espresso.

Fully Automatic Espresso Maker​

Now we are wading into the waters specifically designed for those who like espresso but are not very particular about it. In addition to having an electric pump, these units also have a preset amount of water they will deliver, which means that you can press a button, walk away, and come back to a good cup of espresso.

Now, keep in mind that to more automated process, the less control you have over it. When buying a fully automated espresso maker you need to be sure that the brand you get makes the espresso you like, otherwise you’ll be stuck drinking piss-poor espresso for quite some time before you get a new one. The good thing is that these can come quite cheap, from a couple of hundred bucks. Of course, they go up to a couple of thousands and the more expensive they are, the richer the flavor you get. But, if you are not very particular about flavor (and you should be!) then you can get away with a machine that costs about $200 to $300 measly bucks and it will not be too shabby at all!

​Super-Automatic Espresso Maker

This is the Holy Grail of espresso makers for all you lazy people out there! This machine will do everything for you, short of drinking the cup in your place! It is great for anyone who drinks a lot of espresso throughout the day and doesn’t really have the time to pull a perfect, flavor-rich shot every single time. They have programmable grinders, a disposal system, fully-automated water delivery system, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Because they are an all-in-one solution, they tend to be the most expensive type on the market, although you can find a few models for a couple of hundred dollars. Their ease of use is what sets them apart from other types, but keep in mind that you will not have much control with them. If you’re a true espresso lover, these might not be your cup of tea (or espresso, for that matter), but if you need a quick pick-me-up several times throughout the day, these will work like a charm!

As you can see, espresso beverages and espresso makers come in all different shapes and sizes! Depending on how much you’re willing to mess about when making a perfect cup of espresso, you’re presented with a difficult choice! Do you like to get your hands dirty and pull every cup you drink carefully and meticulously? Or do you want a quick and easy solution to your daily espresso needs! Whatever you need, make sure to check out our reviews; we have something handpicked for every taste!